Rayner & Smale 2016

Hello to all our readers!

We can't believe that it is 2017 already and how quickly the year has gone by. Seems like last week we sat down to write the reflection for 2015.  

2016 has been a challenging year filled with learning for both Alicia and myself. I've been steadily working through the subjects and exams required to get my registration in California and Alicia has successfully completed her second masters degree. I have continued to volunteer as a tutor at USCF, teach clinical pilates, and I also got to travel to Aspen in February with the Australian para-alpine team.

Thanks Sian, yes 2016 has been extremely busy! The year began with working for Melbourne Stars in front of 15,000 people at the MCG, then attending the Sports Level 3 course at the AIS in February, supervising LaTrobe Masters of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy students, working at Melbourne University rugby club and cricket starting up again in June. I completed my Sports Masters clinical hours at both Hawthorn Football Club and with Henry Wadjswelner, passing my final exam and assignment in October. 2017 promises to be an exciting year, with less study but more time teaching, blogging and travelling!

This blog remains a large part of both of our professional lives and at times it has been a struggle to continue to find time to read, learn and write, but looking back I am really satisfied with the knowledge I've gained from sticking with it. This year we tackled some of the more time-consuming and tricky blogs, which explored areas of physiotherapy and differential diagnosis that I knew I could improve on. It was great to see some of our popular blogs shared on the Modern Manual Therapist and for Alicia to see these concepts being integrated into practice as she continued to teach on post-graduate weekend courses. 

Since we began Alicia and I have posted 134 blogs. That's 134 topics we previously didn't know in depth or were interested to know more about. In many ways it feels like we are creating a catalogue of knowledge, a documentation of change and growth and evolving the list of topics we still wish to learn more about. I'm so grateful for what it has given us both. 

Our reader base has grown tremendously as well, and we have many of you to thank for continuing to share and promote our work. Your support is invaluable to us and a big shout out to all those lovely health professionals that send us messages and emails of encouragement. Your kindness continues to motivate us!

Just a little snap shot of the growth for 2016: 

  • In 2014 our reader base was 3,921 
  • In 2015 this grew to 52,142
  • In 2016 we continued to reach more people with 212, 349 unique page views

This is an overview of the geographical coverage and we are thrilled to see the number of countries that our blogs have reached. Now, I am certain that the scope and practice of Physiotherapy varies greatly around the world, so please keep the topic requests and questions coming through via email. 

Many of the popular blogs from 2015 have continued to be shared and for 2016 our top 10 include: 

Thank you again for your support and if you wish to request a topic for 2017 please be sure to contact us through the blog. Wishing everyone a happy New Year and may 2017 bring adventure, discovery, learning, fun and happiness. 

Sian & Alicia