Hip: FAI - a Condition That Matters

This year the Australian Physiotherapy Association hosted Joanne Kemp as the keynote speaker for the end of year breakfast. Joanne is a passionate physiotherapist and researcher in the field of femoroacetabular impingement and hip osteoarthritis. Joanne presented on clinical features of FAI, research updates and the key role that physios play in patient rehabilitation. Joanne’s lecture gave me a new positive perspective on this condition and broadened my knowledge about the role of physiotherapy and treatment options outside of surgery.

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Hip: Illuminating Iliopsoas

This blog explores the clinical anatomy of the anterior hip, manual therapy tips for releasing iliopsoas and stretches/mobility exercises for treatment of anterior hip tightness and pain. 

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DiMs, SiMs, the Protectometer & my personal journey through pain.

This blog is personal and emotional and it is real. It is about me...

After attending the CPTA conference and listening to Lorimer Moseley discuss current scientific knowledge and experience with treating pain, I realised how much my personal journey has been guided by this work. The is one specific reason I wish to share this story with you….. the journey and how much my thinking and knowledge has changed. Not often do we have the opportunity to share the entire journey of recovery with a patient and to see how each element comes in and out of play. So this is mine and hopefully it provides you with an example of how the Explain Pain education material and model is integrated into real life.

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