Spinal degenerative changes are a natural part of ageing

Spending time deciphering and interpreting the meaning of MRI and CT scans for our patients is a difficult task. How do we know what is normal and what is related to pathology? This blog explores a recent systematic review that provides evidence about the prevalence of normal age-related changes on spinal imaging of the lumbar spine and MRI changes in the cervical spine .

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Interpretation of special tests in musculoskeletal examination

Why do we care about evidence-based practice? Why do we need to know how to interpret clinical studies? Because statistical values such as sensitivity, specificity, and likelihood ratios are vital to interpreting the clinical relevance and applicability of research around clinical tests. 

"Of course, very few tests can be expected to conclusively rule in or rule out any particular condition but they should add to the index of suspicion which will inform your clinical reasoning process." (Hattam & Smeatham, 2010, p.5). 

The aim of this blog is to review the meanings of these psychometric properties to allow you to become a great consumer of research and know when and how to take new research and allow it to clarify, amplify and expand on your current body of knowledge. 

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