Turning down TFL

TFL pain and tightness is a common problem in hip/knee injuries. Recently I asked a group of Australian Physiotherapists what their tips for reducing TFL overactivity were. Precision of technique and quality of movement was the message that came from every therapists. 

The aim of this blog is to briefly discuss why TFL becomes overactive, review the literature behind minimising TFL activity and then to share some addition clinical tips that I use to progress rehabilitation into all planes of movement. 

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Being specific about functional exercises

Recently I had the opportunity to observe Michael Vadiveloo, a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist, as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2011. Michael shared with me his tips for retraining the lower limb kinetic chain for knee, hip and foot/ankle injuries. One unique aspect of these way he taught exercises was his focus on the entire lower limb. This blog explores some of these exercises and provides tips for getting the most out of each one. 

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